Article by Ruben Petrisie

After a nice breakfast at the HQ the riders were on the road towards a beautiful spot called Sainte Lucie de Porto Vecchio, a nice rocky surrounding with a mini streaming river making it the ultimate chill out playground for the gang. 

On the way back from a relaxation excursion trip the windsurf center reported that the winds might blow strong enough for some freestyle action. Everyone tried to make it back to the spot fast and got prepared for action nearby the island piantarella where the event format was being prepared by Thomas Traversa. 

Winds from 15 to 22 knots allowed the riders to perform some of their best tricks. 
Equipments used: Boards 99 to 102 liters, sails 4.8 to 5.2 cm2 and pure freestyle battles here on the waters of Bonifacio. 


Dieter wins the freestyle battle #2 - Pic: Cristelle Baud

Dieter wins the freestyle battle #2 – Pic: Cristelle Baud


Results Freestyle battles elimination # 2 

1. Dieter Van Der Eyken (Belgium) 
2. Steven Van Broeckhoven (Belgium) 
3. Adrien Bosson (Six Fours) 
4. Nicolas Akgazciyan (Leucate) 
4. Maarten Van Ochten (Holland) 
4. Julien Mas (Grenoble) 
7. Antony Ruenes (la Ciotat) 
7. Antoine Albert (New Caledonia)