Blawesome is a wetsuit dryer which promises to dry a wetsuit in just 18 minutes. This sounds quite interesting thinking on the coming colder autumn and winter days in Europe. Blawesome is looking to raise $180,000 through Kickstarter and for a contribution of $67, you will receive a Blawesome fan unit, a car adapter and six deodorizing pearls. That’s a significant discount as the retail price will be $129 when the products hits the market.

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Source: Press Release Blawesome

Standing at only 5.5 inches tall, this compact system is easy to pack when heading to the beach, so users can always have the dryer with them when they need it most. The internal fan pushes warm air through the wetsuit to speed up drying. The deodorizing pearl gradually evaporates and is dispersed in the air pumped through the suit, effectively killing any leftover bacteria and preventing odors from building up. This product is the ideal solution for water sport lovers who want to continue to enjoy their favorite activities and a cozy wetsuit even when the weather is cold. With the quick drying that the Blawesome provides, users can even wear their wetsuits multiple times in a single day without the need to wait for them to dry naturally.
The Kickstarter campaign is seeking $186,000 in funding. In just a few days, the campaign received over $35,000 in contributions from over 375 backers from six continents. The campaign must receive the full contribution value by September 30, 2016 in order to receive the funding.
The products creators, Carmen Bo?hler and Jaime Moreno, plan to use the funding to scale up product production in an effort to lower their per-unit cost so that they can keep the product’s price affordable for customers and ensure worldwide availability. Backers of the project will receive a significant discount on the purchase of the product. It will retail for $129 when it hits the market.

The minimum donation is $6, at which backers will receive a complimentary wetsuit care guide. Starting from a $67 contribution, donors will receive a Blawesome unit, six deodorizing pearls and a car outlet adapter. At higher donation levels, backers will receive additional disinfectant pearls and other gifts, including waterproof carrying bags and 110/220 volt adapters. The largest reward package, designed for retailers, includes 10 Blawesome units with all of the associated accessories for a $670 contribution. A couple of surf shops and a board manufacturer in the United States have already gotten on board with this package.