Björn Dunkerbeck seems to be unbeatable at the moment! He could win the last three events he participated: the PWA Slalom final at Sylt in October 2010, the Speed event at Napoleon Plage next to Port Saint-Louis du Rhone in South of France and now in January 2011 the Marathon from Ledge to Lancelin in Western Australia. Congratulations! We hooked up with 40 times worldchampion Björn Dunkerbeck, who already used his 2011 worldcup setup. He gave some updates about the event in Australia and his general feelings. Read more:

Björn on his perfect tuned 2011 setup, iSonic 107 and Reflex II (Pic: John Carter).

See the full Marathon result here!!

C7: You started for the second time at the Ledge to Lancelin Marathon in 2011. What did you make different to win in 2011?

Björn Dunkerbeck: The main difference was, that I was on the right sail size and board size for the wind , but I also knew the course better for sure.

C7: What gear were you on?

Björn Dunkerbeck: I used the Isonic 107 and Reflex II  in 7.8m.  (info by the organiser: the wind was around 26 knots strong on the race course with an average swell of 2.5 m)

C7: Did your 2011 gear work excellent?

Björn Dunkerbeck: Yes, it was faster and felt easier than ever!

C7: Did you feel any pressure while the Marathon from your opponents or did you dominate the race from the beginning on?

Björn Dunkerbeck: I had the race under control from the beginning on.

C7: How would you describe the situation at the start, when you run with 196 other  competitors in the water at the Ledge?

Björn Dunkerbeck: It was great!! Thanks to all you guys to show up and have fun!

C7: Will you stay for some testing and wavesailing and will you return to Europe, Gran Canaria immediately?

Björn Dunkerbeck: I will stay a few days here in Western Australia and then head back back to Europe again.

C7: You look extremely fit on the pictures. Do you feel prepared well to win the PWA Slalom title this season?

Björn Dunkerbeck: I feel  GREAT and yes, I am ready for the Slalom season and the speedseason as well.

Check out Björn´s website to get more infos, what he is up in the moment!

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