SEVERNE is proud to welcome the best windsurfer of all times, Björn Dunkerbeck.

With 12 overall PWA World Champion titles, over 100 single PWA event wins including wave, racing and slalom, Björn is the living legend of our sport.





Comment from Ben Severne
“Having access to Björn’s knowledge and skills is going to allow us to make significant advances in race sail performance. The trickle-down effect this has on all the freeride sails means the whole range of SEVERNE sails will benefit. Personally, there’s also a lot of inspiration to build sails for Bjorn Dunkerbeck – and to this end we’ve had the most intense month of development ever as we’ve prepared the Code Reds for the 09 race season.”

Comments from Björn Dunkerbeck
“I am looking forward to working closely with Ben, he is young and very motivated to make the best and fastest sails on the planet. He is the type of sail designer I like to work with ! Most importantly, like me, he loves the sport of windsurfing, not only pushing his own ability but also his designs. The more time the sails spend on the water the better they become. I am really looking forward to this new challenge; the next year will be my most exciting yet.”


Comment from Svein Rasmussen
“Björn and I raced together for 10 years. He was possibly the fairest competitor on the course for all those years. He never complained about anything, just went out there and did a better job than the rest of us. That is greatness in my eyes. Björn joining Severne is not only an important step for Bjoern but a giant step for Severne. Severne is establishing itself not only as the world’s premier wave brand, but also a main contender in racing. We will work hard together, strive to do a better job than our competitors and aim to become the world’s number one sail brand”