If you like to watch a clip, which contains just loops like stalled Forwards, Spinloops, Pushloops, Backloops, onehanded versions, crazy Cheese rolls, so click in.
This is the final clip from the “Big Winds Big Loop” competition on the Hood river. Even Boujmaa Guilloul attended the event. And this clip definitely should motivate all of you, who are on the step to try a loop to go for it. There are many well executed rotations in the following clip!!! And thanks to the US American Windsurfing Magazine getting this event plus the clips done!!

Big Winds Big Loop – Final Wrap Up! from WINDSURFING magazine on Vimeo.

Men’s Division:

1. Jay Watermeyer (we’re pretty sure he was paying off people to vote for him!)
2. Mike Van Sisseren and Sven Esslinger
3. JP Bowles



1. Ingrid Larouche
2. Katie Crafts
3. Temira Wagonfeld


Pro Forwards

1. Sean Aiken
2. Nathan Mershon
3. Tyson Poor


Pro Back Loops

1. Tyson Poor
2. Sean Aiken
3. Nathan Mershon


Double Forwards

1. Tyson Poor
2. Nathan Mershon