Big wave surfer Sebastian Steudtner back on the windsurf board

German big wave surfer and XXL Big Wave Award winner Sebastian Steudtner dug out his custom windsurfing gear to revive his windsurfing skills. Sebastian used to be a really good windsurfer but the huge shorebreak was just too big for his maybe too small gear choice on this day.

But it’s great to see Sebastian’s passion for windsurfing and we really hope he will  give windsurfing another chance.

“This VLOG I did something very different! I went windsurfing for the first time in years! You can’t believe how nervous I was! Maybe the shore break was way out of my league 😉 Find out for yourself and check out my “insane” windsurfing skills.” (Sebastian Steudtner)

Cam: Alexander Triebel


And this is what Sebastian normally does:


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nice one! trail and error….


Yeah, windsurfing is tough. Thanks C7 for showing what happens in reality. It is not always goiters and air skopus thing.


i´d call it pretty much unsailable. good effort though!!