Bernd Roediger, the waterman from Kahului, Maui, is one of the most dedicated and progressive windsurfers at Ho’okipa. His latest video is driven by the waves and some psychedelic sound and colors. And in the end of the video Bernd even shreds without harness, just in shorts and his shirt. He lands world class Goiters, Air Takas Aerials off the lip or slides through a Spock on the wave. He plays in the waves and hits the lips quite powerful. Here’s some of his footage filmed in December 2018. Bernd is using a 4.1m sail in all shots: 

Although I busted my 4.5m and have been too lazy to drive up and get a new one from Naish. So all the footage is with a 4.1m

Yeah I’m having a lot of fun windsurfing and being more expressive. The harness thing is just something fun I like to do, every now and again, to shift my perspective in the lineup. Bernd Roediger about his windsurfing

Bernd Roediger shreds the waves of Ho’okipa with a lot style