Bernd Roediger, the “Samurai” from Ho’okipa and former Aloha Classic winner (2012 & 2013), released a video from a day at Ho’okipa, Maui, Hawaii.

I really like YouTube and the little communities appreciating art, art collaboration and collection. Lo-Fi music is just one of those niches where people find community, shared taste and positivity – even though there isn’t anything overtly positive about it. On this day, I sailed my 4.3m three batten sail and the 78ltr custom and then traded that for my 5 batten 4.2m and homemade Bonzer-fish. I didn’t really care to hyper-analyze the change or the difference, more-so just laying back and enjoying a unique day without pressure or consequence. I hope that the energy of this video helps you in your expression of movement on the water, releasing some of the tension you might be exerting on your actions to be aggressive, core, or dynamic. A rhythmic and mellow session can be just as rewarding.Bernd Roediger about his video

Three minutes of chill Ho’okipa sailing – Video