Benoit Devinat is a French windsurfer, who lives on Oléron island at the west coast of France. The 27 year-old windsurfer started windsurfing with 14 and used to compete in some racing and Formula competitions. After his racing career, with about 22, he started to get more into wave and freestyle windsurfing. Benoit has a great style and rides the waves with a lot of drive.

In his new video about Cape Town, filmed by Juju, Benoit shows the typical South African pictures: waves, monkeys on the roof top of the car at the Cape spots, stunning views from the Table mountain, windy wave conditions, steep high Back Loops and Front Loops, nice aerials, great sunsets, Kelp inside the water, safaris watching the big five, cruising along wonderful coastal roads, rigging next to the road and walking through narrow paths to the beach, sunny weather all day long or chilly mornings in one of Cape Town’s famous roads in the Malay quarter…

Benoit mixed great windsurfing wave action and freestyle moves with nice pictures from Cape Town and its surroundings. Watch an excellent clip!