Ben Proffitt is well known for his Training Diaries series, in which he basically films other windsurfers and talks about them. This time Ben shows how “AVERAGE” his wave sailing looks at the moment. Guess we have to define average: it’s the description for someone’s windsurfing skills, who is able to land Goiters and frontside Wave 360s clean and ankle dry and even can ride on a wave back to the sails, that’s probably the most important! Ben, recover quickly from your injury and get back on the board soon. We want to see more average wave action from the funny Brit!!

Ben Proffitt: “This season was so so good in Australia so I thought I’d make a short little clip. In fact in making this I realised I should make a longer one and include all the footage including other riders. So thats next on my list. Also the the fact I’m actually sitting in Cape Town with a busted foot.. watching TV Series.. hence the music (shooter – series) helped make this clip!! haha Big thanks to everyone that helped film this winter Dieter, Justyna and Jony!”

Ben Proffitt with “AVERAGE” wave sailing action from Western Australia 2016/2017