This is a video Australian wave, Slalom and Speedsailor Ben Newson made at his homespot Green Island on the Great Barrier Reef. It’s located off Cairns in Far North Queensland. This year Ben returned home in July hoping to get good conditions to break the Australian Nautical Mile sailing record, but unfortunately he didn’t get strong enough winds.


“It was however over 18 knots for 90% of the time I was there. This made for some great fun sailing and blasting around on and sometimes in the warm tropical waters with my mates. I was using my 6.6m sail and 75L speed board. This is the second video I’ve edited, it is a combination of footage from a contour HD, GoPro HD and Canon SX30 IS. As you can tell it’s all hand held or mounted using a flymount. You can get to Green Island using the Great Adventures company. They depart daily from Cairns. Make sure you check the tides before heading over though as many fins have been sacrificed to Davy Jones locker. Hope you enjoy the film!” (Ben Newson)


Northern Sun from Ben Newson on Vimeo.