“Below the Surface” is the lastest movie by award-winning producer Andre Paskowski (Four Dimensions Movie, Minds Wide Open). Unfortunately who died during the making of the movie on the 2nd of August 2013. The team around Andre’s girlfriend Carolina Butrich and his parents did an amazing job and finished a movie, which definitely can keep up with Minds Wide Open and other Andre Paskowski productions. It is a beautiful movie, which focuses on former World Wave Champion Victor Fernandez and his friends Gollito Estredo, Klaas Voget, Alessio Stillrich, Marcilio Browne at different locations.

The movie is not artificial, but shows pure and authentic lifestyle and windsurfing and should not be missed in a windsurfing DVD collection. Andre’s main goal with BELOW THE SURFACE was to make the audience experience some of the MAGIC MOMENTS he was living for. Now you can see some of them in the offcial trailer.

Andre: “I know that if I won’t be able to finish Below the Surface, Carolina will continue my work and make this DVD my final present to the windsurfing world. Something I can be proud of, because I made something I wanted to make. And whether you love it, hate it, criticise it or applaud it… I hope it will make you want to go windsurfing.”


Watch the trailer of “BELOW THE SURFACE”

Produced by: Andre Paskowski, Carolina Butrich
Camera: Manuel Grafenauer, Sebastian Dörr, Andre Paskowski
Editing: Sebastian Dörr
Riders: Victor Fernandez, Gollito Estredo, Klaas Voget, Alessio Stillrich, Marcilio Browne
Locations: Maui, Peru, Brasil, Gran Canaria, Norway