French freestyle windsurfer Bastien Rama got injured during a surf trip to Morocco, Imsouane in summer and wasn’t able to windsurf for a while. Now he had his first session at Lake Monteynard, which is located near Grenoble in the French Alps. The water colors are incredible and the trees in the background show beautiful autumn colores. Lake Monteynard is definitely a perfect spot to have a freestyle comeback, especially when the temperatures aren’t too chilly.

Bastien Rama: I just recovered from a surfing injury and the session this week-end has been my first one since long time. It felt so good to be back in my favorite place on earth with this kind of fall landscape and some nice gusts of wind. My season in France is done. South Africa will be my next windsurfing trip.”


Bastien Rama with his first and last freestyle windsurfing session at Lake Monteynard, France