Right now Balz “Radiculo” Müller, the wild waterman from the Swiss Alps spends a great time in Sao Miguel do Gostoso, the second home of wave world champ Kauli Seadi. This time of the year is the windy season in northern Brazil and Balz has plenty of time to practice new moves and play with his many toys, the foils, sails, freestyle boards and wings.

He has just released a futuristic looking video, called “wingdance”. It’s filmed by Alf Hesse and shows some of the crazy moves Balz can land with his wing equipment. Balz is constantly developing his wing style skills and lands crazy 360’s for instance. His style includes elements from other sports like snowboarding, kiteboarding, foil boarding, hang-gliding or wake boarding. The Swiss is on a 108 liter windsurfing freestyle board equipped with a foil and a 4.5m big wing. 

Sensational foil wing action by Balz Müller from Sao Miguel do Gostoso and Galinhos, Brazil

Produced by Alf Hesse