Swiss freestyle acrobat Balz Müller decided to travel a week earlier to Sylt, Germany to enjoy the good conditions. His employer was quite positive about that. So, Balz can extend his holidays at the seaside and present his  crazy “suistyle” at the Brandenburger beach in Westerland.

In one of his first sessions Balz scored a proper onshore wave session. As it was really onshore he jumped on both tacks and landed great moves like Shifties or rail grab Back loops. And how cool are his classic nose dives. Radiculo, are you ready for a wildcard in waves??

He called his video deviltack. We remember the song text from “One night in Bangkok” by Murray Head: “I can feel the Devil walking next to me”. It’s a bit like that. You are never safe when sailing in this wild onshore waves of Sylt. The devil is always around. You can jump on both tacks and have fun, but in a brief moment of inattention the devil can suck you down to the bottom of the ground. Balz luckily escaped the devil of Sylt this time.

Swiss freestyle windsurfer shows great skills in the waves of Westerland, Sylt, Germany Balz Müller