Balz Müller (SUI-21) loves windsurfing and created his own style over the years. In his latest clip “Eaudanse”, filmed at Leucate in France he shows his version of the modern freestyle water dance. It’s an extreme version, flying through Shifties, Pushloops, Air Skopus or Burners combined with some great filming perspectives. The calm piano sound in the background produces a surreal atmosphere. What a great clip! Short and full of visible emotions. 


“Can freestyle windsurfing be a dance? For me it’s definitely a powerful and weightlessly way of doing movements just as a dancer, so are we all waterdancers? Eaudanse,  as suggestion for our always the same monotonous windsurf movies (as I got the feedback on our last movie project) I tried to do something different. But no worries it’s just a small, very serious trailer for our next real suistyle trash less cash clip,” says Balz Müller about Eaudanse


Balz Müller in Eaudanse at Leucate, France

e.n.: Balz Müller just recovered from a bad infection. He was down for more than a month and now found some time to have great sessions on the water again. The energy is back despite many 9 h long days of work. Keep on going Balz!