2.12. 2017 is a day to remember for Balz Müller. Other riders windsurf in Brazil, New Caledonia or Bonaire. Balz Müller challenges the winter storms at home in Switzerland. And even -10°C can’t hold him off to go on the water. Windsurfing in these conditions needs 100% dedication!!! Big respect Mr. Müller.

Balz did not hold back, he went for the big moves, despite the freezing conditions: stalled Back loops, Forwards, double Forwards, Shifties, Shifty Shaka, Ponch… Watch another wild edit of Balz Müller aka “FREEZYBEAR” during the winter months in Switzerland!!!

“I hate sailing in cold conditions my whole body refuses to go on the water but I just can’t get enough of those crazy winter storm conditions! That was by far my craziest swiss windsurfing session ever! BIG Eastwindstorm called Bise! Booooom shag man’s no hoot! Gale force eastwind and about -10°C windchill factor! And some nasty lake waves! I promise that were the biggest waves I’ve ever surfed in Switzerland! Lac de Neuchâtel second-largest Swisslake, almost 40km long, but I was surprised about the wave size and power, got proper bounded on some, haha! Today Yverdon-les-Bains looked like an ocean beach! On a day like today there is so much adrenalin pumping through my body it’s like the craziest motivation ever and having a day like this is so special you need to savor it to the fullest. I had blue fingers and feet and almost couldn’t speak anymore after four hours of pure happiness taming the storm! Can’t wait for the next one!” (Balz Müller)

Freezybear ft. Balz Müller at Lac de Neuchâtel and Lake Yverdon-les-Bains

Hardcore filming credits to TomTom & Laura from windwasserwellen.ch