Balz Müller, who still struggles a bit due to an ankle injury, is constantly pushing his level in freestyle windsurfing and windsurf related foil disciplines like foil-style or wing-foil. And he is more and more involved in the development of special equipment for these new trend sports.

Here are two clips with crazy foil-freestyle and wing-freestyle-foil action. The autumn has just begun and so the winds are increasing on the Swiss lakes. Balz uses the trampoline effect of his foil and shoots up into the sky at Ipsach, Lake Biel.

Balz Müller: We had 20 knots of wind. I could have sailed with the fin only. It’s a general trend at our lakes in Switzerland that people stay on their foils, even when teh wind is strong and I already switch to fin. The people like a lot the possibilities with the foils and the wings.

Let’s see where everything goes and if windsurfing will gain in popularity due to the other new additions. Aren’t windsurfing, surfing and SUP the basis for these modern trends? Or is wingfoil the new entry wind sport for all levels and ages?

Foilstyle – madness: the Swiss waterman Balz Müller lands wild freestyle windsurfing moves with his foil equipment in Switzerland

Foilwing freestyle action – wing escalation: flying with the wing into new spheres

Imagine the foil would be lighter! Let’s see how far the development by Balz & co will go. Tiny boards, featherlight foils and super efficient wings….