Balz Müller and his bros are always looking for new spots having a freestyle session. This time they visited their favourite area around Leucate and decided to drive 65 km inland to Lake Agli, a 4 km long narrow lake with an average width of 200 to 300 m, surrounded by hills. The search for the lake started as the wind wasn’t strong enough in the area around Leucate. And it was worth to drive one hour inland along the river Agli, to Estagel and the road up to Rasigueres and then to Caramany. Balz and his brother Jack enjoyed their freestyle session on the half empty lake, where the Tramontane blew with great force and in a perfect angle. They found a new spot in the region of Leucate.

Brother Clemens “Clee” was on crutches and not able to windsurf, but made a good job filming his bros. And a bridge, which connects the eastern with the western side of the lake,  helped them to get nice air shots. Later during their stay they were lucky with the wind at Leucate and had a great session there landing crazy double moves.

“Sailing a unknown place in 2015 is unbelievable, scoring a damn good first-session is just crazy. I am really happy we decided to make that adventure and found this mountainlake paradise just one hour away from Leucate. We called the video VENT ET VINS. The wind was up and the vine leaves gleamed in the autumn light at the hills around the Lake.” Balz Müller


Balz & Jack Müller at Lake Agli and Leucate