La Ventana is a well known windsurfing spot in the Sea of Cortez at the east coast of Southern Baja California. La Ventana offers great infrastructure – campgrounds, hostels and restaurants – a long beach and excellent wind conditions during the winter months, when the El Norte wind (cold northeasterly wind) blows through the Gulf of Mexico.

In December 2016 the young US freestyle windsurfer Alex Mertens from San Jose (California) and his friend Daniel Hernandez from Helendale (California) travelled to the Mexican water sports hotspot La Ventana. Windsurfer and kitesurfer from the US and Canada gather there to escape the cold winter and enjoy the brilliant conditions in 20°C + weather. La Ventana is definitely a nice place. We travelled there in 2006 during January and scored some nice conditions.

Alex and Daniel had solid wind and enjoyed the conditions a lot. The mum of Alex captured most of the action.

Freestyle windsurfing in La Ventana, Southern Baja California, featuring Alex Mertens & Daniel Hernandez