Lena Erdil is back on the windsurf board. 4.5 months after her Lisfranc injury she made her first planing attempts and was visibly relieved about her rehabilitation progress. The injury happened last summer, during the Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival. She landed a Forward Loop very hard and had to undergo surgery.

“Four months after my Liscfranc injury my physios and doctors have finally given me the go ahead to attempt my first windsurf!! I think my smile says it all! For now its just strapless windsurfing though and while my rehabilitation period continues I have to stay in Istanbul where it is cold and not very windy… However I have finally started following windguru again and I hope to score a session at the Black Sea within the next couple of weeks. I’m super stoked with not only the sailing but also with the style in which this Vlog #28was filmed and edited by my friend Ener.” (Lena Erdil)

Lena Erdil – My First Time