The 2016 AWT Rio Vista Grand Slam event in California was Northern California’s premiere windsurfing event at Rio Vista, Sacramento River and it was a good success.  The event was open to all age groups and all levels. Even young kids participated in the event windsurfing on their 2.5 m sails. Besides several races and tow in rounds, the event saw concerts and fun events.

It’s great to see more windsurfing activity in California, where everything started in the sixties. A few big names showed up at Rio Vista (just to name a few) as well, like Tyson Poor, Wyatt Miller, Arrianne Aukes, Jesper Vesterstrom, Phil Soltysiak, Kevin Pritchard, Casey Hauser, Rob Warwick, Andy Brandt, Caesar Finies, Xavier Ferlet, etc.

AWT: “Just a few days before the event the forecast looked rather uninspiring, so as we entered into Day One many competitors were not overly optimistic at the chance of getting wet. Not to be deterred by this, event organizer David Merten, determinedly announced that Slalom racing was to commence at 1.30 and sure enough exactly at that time the wind turned on. There was much excitement during the afternoon:
In the Pro Slalom racing every heat was unequivocally dominated by last years event winner and US Slalom Champion Jesper Vesterstrom, but Tyson Poor showed his teeth holding a convincing second in most heats. A surprise entry into the final race of the day came from the windsurfing legend Francisco Goya who entered on his Free Race non cambered sail, blasted through the start line crossing the finish with a solid fourth and shocking all the other competitors whilst demonstrating that he still has a unique and untouchable talent in windsurfing.”


AWT Rio Vista (California) Grand Slam event 2016