“Wow!  Another final at Hookipa!  I was standing on the beach and I couldn’t believe it”, a happy Bernd Roediger stated after his win at the AWT Aloha Classic at Ho’okipa Beach Park.  Levi Siver came second and Camille Juban third, who claimed at the same time the AWT Overall title for the second year: “I was so pleased to be sailing with my Quatro team mates at the end of a fantastic year, Mexico and Peru were special and I am thrilled to have retained the AWT Overall Pro title for the 2nd year. I am now looking forward to the PWA event.”



Slide Show – Day 2 Aloha Classic 2013  (Touch-enabled, if you have a smartphone or tablet you can swipe through the pictures!)


Day 2 Pro Results
1st Bernd Roediger 
2nd Levi Siver
3rd Camile Juban
4th Keith Taboul 
5th Matt Pritchard, Kevin Pritchard
7th  Graham Ezzy, Laurent Guillemin
9th Kai Katchadourian, Russ Faurot, Jake Miller, Morgan Noireaux
13th Masahiro Motohashi, Casey Hauser, Fabrice Beaux, Skyler Haywood
17th Jesse Brown, Aurelien Nicoul, Alex Bitoun, Takafumi Noguchi, Sean Aiken, Fernando Loffreda, Josh Stone, Leo Ray
25th Rick Markham, Chris Freeman, Brian Talma, Bryan Metcalf-Perez, Harley Stone, Pascal Hardy, Justin Denel, Francisco Porcella
33 rd Marco Bosi, Jay Lee, Matteo Spanu, Jeff Henderson, Jason Stone, Tom Juban, Andrea Franchini
40th Nic Dudet, Mike Archer, Roberto Festa