Camille Juban wins the Pacasmayo Classic 2013 and Wilhelm Schurmann from Brazil surprised all

El Faro, Pacasmayo is well known as one of the most consistent waveriding spot along the Peruan coast. The lefthander breaks throughout the whole year, but delivers the best conditions through the south American winter in July and August. And just at this period, when the Pacific swell can break mast high and wind gets a 25 knots+, the AWT ran their 4th tour stop of the season, the Pacasmayo Classic 2013. The event not only counts for the AWT overall ranking, it as well counts for the IFCA South American Wave title. 


Camille Juban wins tour stop number 4  at Pacasmayo.

Camille Juban wins tour stop number 4 at Pacasmayo.


Day 2 brought the decision in the Pro fleet


Day 2 already brought excellent conditions for the pros. “We started early and ended late. Conditions offered up strong winds, long peeling lefts, and plenty of action for the spectators to watch. Waves were overhead and most riders were using 4.7 and 5.0 meter sails.” Chris Freeman, the race director stated.


The first heats were run in light offshore wind, which made for some perfectly glassy waves. The opening heat saw Kevin Pritchard advance with his consistent powerful style. Heat 2 was dominated by AWT newcomer Wilhelm Schurmann from Brazil, who has shown himself to be a force to be reckoned with, but most of the time competed in Formula or Slalom events during his long career in windsurfing. He already won 23 national titles in Brazil. Russ Faurot, who is more at home at Ho’okipa, adapted well to port tack sailing winning his heat. Bernd Roediger was the standout of heat 4 compiling an impressive 2-wave total, including a flawless Taka at the end of his heat. The next heats saw Morgan Noireaux, Levi Lenz, Alex Vargas, and Camille Juban all advance to the 3rd round of the AWT’s new style bracket, which sees riders rewarded for taking risks and going for victory in round 1.


Morgan Noireaux in front of the Andes on the Pacific swell

Morgan Noireaux in front of the Andes on the Pacific swell


Round 2 did not disappoint, as all the sailors were motivated to stay in the contest and enjoy the perfect Peruvian waves. Christian Saurer and Tom Juban put on the best show, as they fought their way through to compete in the Quarter Finals. Tom continued his impressive run all the way to the semifinals where he placed 4th overall.


Tom Juban, the younger brother of Camille, climbed up into the final

Tom Juban, the younger brother of Camille, climbed up into the final


As the day went on, the wind picked up and the moves got bigger. Judging was difficult because all the riders sailed so well. We saw big Aerials, powerful turns, and some really impressive wave moves, such as Camille Juban’s flawlessly executed Goiter in the winners Final. MauiSails teamrider Camille racked up one of the highest point totals in an AWT heat ever, with a perfect 10 from one judge, and high 9’s from all the others. The 23 year old world class wave sailor from Guadeloupe showed his superior wave riding skills, and was crowned 2013 Pacasmayo Classic Champion at the end of the second event day. He now won the third event in a row after victories at Pistol River, Oregon and Punta San Carlos, Baja California.




Results Pro Men category: 

1. Camille Juban

2. Wilhelm Schurmann

3. Kevin Pritchard

4. Tom Juban



A few quotes from the riders


“Pacasmayo has come through once again. This place is awesome. The event organizer Jaime “Pacasmayo Rules” comes through with amazing conditions. I have been around the world, been to great locations and this ranks as one of the best. For port tack wavering, this place is perfect. I hope to come back here for many years to come and work on my port tack wavering.” Kevin Pritchard multiple World Champion.


Kevin Pritchard, AWT's number 2, with a stylish cutback

Kevin Pritchard, AWT’s number 2, with a stylish cutback



“The AWT Pacasmayo Classic 2013 is another success for the AWT Pro division, Chris Freeman the Head Judge made a good call to focus just on the one division on the second day of the contest with really good if challenging conditions. It was great to sail with riders from many countries including, Brazil, Peru, Chile, USA, UK and Italy as well as my younger brother Tom who impresses me every time he sails. I was really happy for Tom that he could get the 4th place not far behind me, I’d better watch out next time as he is not far behind!” Camile Juban 2012 AWT Champion


“Today, we got to watch the whole pro division being run at the point. The action was sick to watch and the event went very smoothly thanks to Jaime and EL Faro resort and AWT staff. So great to meet and compete with riders from all around South America.” Ingrid Laraouche, AWT 2012 Womens Champion.


While we have completed the Pro Men’s bracket, there is still much more action to come. The Masters, Amateurs, Youth and Women still have heats to go. Stay tuned for all the latest AWT news to come. Camille Juban actually leads the AWT tour in front of Kevin Pritchard and Morgan Noireaux.


The AWT moves on to Hatteras North Carolina Sept 16th – 21st for their fifth tour stop.  If you haven’t booked your tickets yet, there is still time. And the this year’s final will take place on Maui again. The prestigious Aloha Classic at Ho’okipa will start on October 24th.