The second day of the AWT Maui Makani Classic started off cloudy and cool, but as the day progressed, the sun came out and the wind and the waves picked up.

Picture by Kevin Pritchard

The Amateurs competed first, showing off some great talent. Next, was the Masters. Although this division is for our oldest competitors, they displayed classic style mixed with inspiring passion for the sport. Conditions stayed steady for the the Expert division as well. We saw a mix of clean, technical wave rides, risky aerial maneuvers, and some personal flair from all of the riders. Rounding out the end of the day was two of the four Women’s heats. Those talented ladies were ripping right to the end. After the first two heats, Head Judge, Matt Pritchard, decided the conditions were not suitable to continue.

Pic: Kevin Prtitchard

Tomorrow we will finish the remaining heats from Round One and move right into Round Two of the competition. Thanks to all of the spectators who came out to watch and support our windsurfers! The beach was covered with colorful sails and the hillside with tons of fans.


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