The forecast came true for the 2013 American Windsurfing Tour Hatteras Wave Jam as two solid days of competition allowed for the completion of all divisions. The AWT scoring system paid off as all competitors are allowed a second chance if they mess up in the first round encouraging riders to really push the limits of their skills. Day one saw strong wind and moderate waves that were perfect for getting the first couple rounds of the Masters and Amateur divisions in the books. Day two showcased slightly less wind but bigger and cleaner swell, which allowed the pros, women and advancing Masters and Amateurs to really show what they could do.

Watch the more than 7 minutes long video and read the report about the AWT Hatteras Wave Jam here.


Wave windsurfing action from the AWT Hatteras Wave Jam 2013


The final event of the 2013 AWT tour will take place on Maui, the Maui Makani Classic, October 24th – November 6th. It will be an exciting battle between Camille Juban, the last year’s tour winner, Bernd Roediger, who won the Maui event in 2012 and Kevin Pritchard, who for sure wants to win his first AWT event in 2013.