Graham Ezzy wins the Cactus Cup, the third AWT tourstop of the season. Strong winds and waves made four full rounds possible and in the end it was a really close fight in between Graham Ezzy, Keith Teboul, Kevin Pritchard and Nathan Mershon, who finished all four within 2 points in the overall ranking. A big surprise was the 5th place of young Morgan Noireaux

Graham Ezzy convinced the judges most at the Cactus Cup (Pic by Clark Merritt of SoloSports Adventure Holidays).

With four single eliminations in the bag it was decided that contest conditions were not quite up to par to run a fifth giving Graham Ezzy the title. There was still wind and waves on the final day, but unless you brought your 3.7 and were prepared to wait for the proper set to arrive it just wasn’t fair for everyone. It was a great call by head judge Matt Pritchard. So instead Pritchard send heats out for an Expression Session to battle for a Chinook Carbon boom.

One footed backloop by Kevin Pritchard (Pic by Clark Merritt of SoloSports Adventure Holidays).

The competition was intense and the Expert final saw Kevin Pritchard, Graham Ezzy, Nathan Mershon, Russ Faurot and Royn Bartholdi all head out to the far side of the island to throw their biggest jumps. In an surprise finish Faurot dominated the heat landing countless Back Loops, Push Loops and a huge Stalled Forward. Yossi Salomon took the Amateur title and Miho took the women’s crown with impressive loops in the tough conditions. 

Nathan Mershon with a nice cutback at the Baja (Pic by Clark Merritt of SoloSports Adventure Holidays).

(Words by Pete DeKay, Windsport editor / Photos by Clark Merritt of SoloSports Adventure Holidays)


The ranking of the Pros at Punta San Carlos.

The ranking in all other categories.


Source: © AWT 2011 (American Windsurfingtour)