The Baja Desert Show Down 2016 saw an epic display of wind, waves and fun. Punta San Carlos delivered great conditions all week long, from surfing, to sailing, to biking. Sarah Hauser and Boujmaa Guilloul won the pro class in the wave sailing event. Congrats! Kevin Pritchard, who finished in 2nd place, produced a video about the event. And we must agree, the wave conditions look great at Punta San Carlos.

Baja Desert Show Down 2016 video

A video production by Kevin Pritchard


Pro Ladies

1. Sarah Hauser
2. Ingrid Larouche

Pro Men:

1. Boujmaa Guilloul
2. Kevin Pritchard
3. Joey Sanchez
4. Jake Schettewi


1. Jake Schettewi
2. Ishii Takara
3. Max Schettewi


1. Jeff Allbright


1. Jeff Allbright

Grand Masters:

1. Dwight Bode