17 year old Bernd Roediger steels the show at the 2013 AWT JP Aloha Classic. Bernd had a tough battle with Keith Teboul, Camille Juban & Levi Siver in the 20 minutes long final at Ho’okipa. He now won for the second consecutive time a big event at Ho’okipa and that’s awesome. Now he soon has the chance to battle for the win of the next event during the upcoming week. Forecast looks great! In the meanwhile you can watch a 9 minute long action clip of Maui Nerd Production about the Pro Men 2013 AWT Aloha Classic. Enjoy!


PRO Men AWT Aloha Classic 2013  – Video


A bit of windsurfing history! Have a look at the list of all winners with Robby Naish as a 5 times winner:

1984 Alex Aguera
1985 Alan Cadiz
1986 Robby Naish
1987 Robby Naish
1988 Mark Angulo
1989 Robby Naish
1990 Rush Randle
1991 Robby Naish
1992 Robby Naish
1993 Jason Polakow
1994 Bjorn Dunkerbeck
1995 Dave Kalama
1996 not completed
1997 Sean Ordonez
1998 Jason Polakow
1999 Nik Baker
2000 Francisco Goya
2001 Tony Garcia
2004 Anders Bringdal
2005 Alex Mussolini
2006 Josh Angulo


Read a quick recap about the October 26th at the AWT event by Maui Nerds

Staff and competitors arrived at the beach and were stoked to see bigger than expected surf already showing signs of texture. The stage was set and it was going to be a killer day!

The call was made by Head Judge Duncan Coombs early that we would continue with the Pro bracket, and take advantage of the better than expected conditions. As we moved into Round #3, the heats got tighter and tighter. Riders threw caution out the window, and pushed their limits to secure a spot in the coveted PWA.

Powerful riding by Laurent Guillemin in Round 3, he went on to win his heat in Round 4 following an impressive display which included a Taka and a 360. 

The wind in the early heats was light, so Duncan quickly increased the heat duration to 16 minutes from 14. This ensured that riders could risk it all, knowing that they had plenty of time to catch waves. From a rider’s perspective this is great. You gain so much confidence in the knowledge that it is not do or die on every wave. This really helps to encourage progression, which is central to the AWT philosophy.

Round 4 produced some amazing action as the scores started to increase. In Heat 33 Laurent Guillemin linked powerful turns with a Taka and a 360 to win the heat ahead of Matt Pritchard. Heat #34 was won by the riding of Quatro teammates Bernd Roediger, and his shaper Keith Teboul, who’s vertical turns in the pocket demonstrate his surfing prowess. In Heat 35 there was little that Jake Miller and Casey Hauser could do to slow the progress of the top two ranked AWT riders, Kevin Pritchard and Camile Juban. The stand out performances of the round came in Heat 36 with both Levi and Graham turning up the heat. Graham went big nailing a Taka, a Goiter and a 360 while Levi wracked up a huge tally with incredibly snappy turns and tweaked airs.

In the first semi-final Bernd and Keith continued to dominate with their fluid riding styles. The second semi saw Ezzy go big, but he couldn’t make his moves stick finishing 4th. He, like many others has booked himself a place in the PWA bracket. I am confident that there is more left in the tank, especially when the waves build in size and power. Kevin, still recovering from illness sailed hard with a big one handed aerial to start the heat, and later landed a clean 360. The fluid style and new school antics of Camille, and powerful turns and tweaked airs of Levi, saw them both advance to the final.

Luckily we will be seeing more of KP in the days ahead as he was awarded a PWA Wild Card last week.

The 20 minute 4 man Final saw great action. Al of the finalist are from the Quatro international team and three of them are on Goya Sails and one on MauiSails. Obviously this gear works best for the top guys at Ho’okipa.

With the final now extended to 20 minutes, riders would have more time to impress. As four riders entered the water, it was clear that we were about to see something special. The only question really was which one of the riders would move into another gear, and fight hardest for the win. Bernd showed no nerves as he lined up his first wave at Middles. He busted a huge air, which he backed up with solid vertical turns. On his next wave he linked powerful and skatey turns with a taka to finish. With just two waves down, it was clear that Bernd would be hard to beat. Camile was not quite finding the set waves or landing his moves cleanly, but still managed to have one wave with three aerials which scored big! Fighting from behind, Levi progressively closed in on Bernd. Thanks to a perfectly executed 360, and some aggressive rides he was close, but was ultimately one more big one short. It was the 17 year old Bernd Roediger, who took his second successful AWT event victory and second AWT Maui title. Just think, how good he will be in another year’s time!