Arnon Dagan (35) announced his change from Gasstra to NeilPryde and that he will leave Tabou as well. Now he as well released the news, that he will sail under the flag of RRD in 2013. The Israeli will be in a world class team together with current Slalom World champion Antoine Albeau. Read a quick interview:


C7: Why did you decide to be on RRD from 2013 on?

Arnon Dagan: For the coming year I set my mind to compete on the best gear available on the market! This is why I went for RRD boards – the boards of the world champion. I have been looking closely at the progress of the RRD R&D led by Finian Maynard and I trust in him 100% to keep at the highest level in the world. Now I know the results are depending only on me and one thing is for sure: It is going to be an exciting year!!


Arnon in front of his new RRD toys (Pic: Arnon Dagan).


C7: Will you work in the R&D and help to design a Formula board for RRD.

Arnon Dagan: RRD is looking to develop a new FW board for 2014 and I’m really excited to be part of this.


C7: You are on the gear of the current world champion Antoine Albeau. Will you be the next world champion?

Arnon Dagan: At the moment I’ll be happy to feel that I did the very best I could during the competitions and I know that, if it will happen, it will be a good result. Being world champ seems far for now, but I am not entering a competition to come last. That’s for sure. With this kind of gear I think top 5 to 10 and even some podiums should be well in reach.


Arnon is in a team with Antoine from now on (Pic: RRD).


C7: Will you distribute the gear in Israel, too?

Arnon Dagan: Yes, my company BG Surfing will import RRD to Israel.


C7: For how many years is the contract?

Arnon Dagan: For 1 year at the moment, but as things are developing I’m sure it will be a very long term relationship.


C7: Do you have any personal relation to Mr. Ricci?

Arnon Dagan: I have met him during my travels and competitions around the globe. He is a cool guy that created an amazing large and stylish operation bringing sick gear in all 4 disciplines of the sport: Windsurfing , Kitesurfing, Surfing , SUP and even great clothing.


C7: RRD has one of the best racing teams now with Antoine, Finian, Julien and yourself. Will it be hard for the other teams to keep up with you guys?

Arnon Dagan: There are many great guys on tour! The goal is to take the top spots and we have the tools to do this with RRD and Neil Pryde – not bad gear.


Good luck for the upcoming season from continentseven!! Thanks a lot for the opportunity to talk and interview you, Arnon! 

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