During the last weeks we got many mails, where Freestyle sailors informed us about injuries. Mostly it is the same injury: a broken metatarsal.

Antony - Pic: Continentseven.com

Antony hobbles out of the equipment tent - Pic: Continentseven.com

“Fucking foot” that is what Antony Runes writes in his Facebook comments. During the landing after a Shove it before the contest on Fuerteventura he twisted his foot. It got better and just during the warm-up session on the first day of competition he hurt his foot again and had to fly home. Now he has to do a magnetic resonance imaging.

As well the Spaniard Antxon Otaegui has no luck on Fuerteventura. Already for the second time he injured his foot. This time he went for a switch stance ponch and as he landed his foot got stuck inside the footstrap. The consequence is a broken bone, the metatarsal and two little bones that moved from their places. “I dont have the plaster anymore but the foot is still black and big.  I just have to think about recovering my foot 100% and get back in the water to keep on training and to do well on Sylt.”

Antxon Otaegui after his injuri on Fuerteventura - Pic: Continentseven.com

Antxon Otaegui after his injury on Fuerteventura - Pic: Continentseven.com

Who else is injured?

The Dutch freestyler Marteen von Ochten hit a stone at PWA Lanzarote on the fourth day and broke his middle foot as well. The recovery has been very slow and after almost two weeks, nothing seems to have chanced. The doctors took new x-rays, which showed another crack in the middle foot leg.

Nicolas Akgazciyan got injured  as well at the PWA Lanzarote event on the foot and the knee. He did many tests and therapies and needs mimimum two more weeks for recovery.

Andy ‘Bubble’ Chambers, the British freestyler, hurt is ankle and could not compete on Fuerteventura.