Antoine Albert is a great freestyle windsurfer but he can go big in waves, too. The 24 year-old New Caledonian lives next to the dream spots and has the choice, if he goes for a freestyle session or for a wave session at the outer reefs. Antoine shows both in his latest videos. He spins through perfect freestyle moves, even slides through a triple Spock or lands big Airkabikuchis. At the end of the video he surfs on his shortboard and rides nice waves in perfect side off conditions with his wave windsurfing gear. It looks so perfect and this one Aerial is amazing too! 

Antoine definitely wastes no time during the off season and tries to pick up as many moves as he can to be super competitive in 2019. It will be very interesting to see his progress in waves in the next years.

Antoine Albert enjoys the windy summer season at home in New Caledonia

Filmed by Gill Chabaud (main camera), additional footage by Antony Farina, Océane Lescadieu, PH