Antoine Albert rides finest waves in Gran Canaria during summer, when strong trade winds hit the eastern coast of the island. Just a few kilometers upwind from Pozo the New Caledonian found what he was looking for. He was the lonely rider on that day. Just Antoine Martin joined him for a few wave rides. This spot can be so much fun, but the entry isn’t easy and respect the local surfers!

It’s my new video from Gran Canaria for this week. I get to score two lonely sessions in Mosca Point which is a down the line spot upwind from Pozo Izquierdo, but it’s super hard to get it right with the tide and swell direction. Those two times I get super lucky because I went there randomly and fully scored for an hour and half before the spot turns off. As it’s a point, the wind is usually stronger than in Pozo and the wave is pretty hard to read with bowls and flat parts, but it feels good to use the rails of the board after so much session doing on shore blow tails ahah. Antoine Albert

Camera by Toya

Antoine Albert with pure wave windsurfing in Gran Canaria during summer 2021 – Video