Antoine Albert enjoys the winter at his world class home spots in New Caledonia. He released a video about a sensational windsurfing day at the outer reef in Ténia, where he hit the lips and nailed perfect Aerials. But it was a tough session for Antoine, as he forgot his harness….

Antoine Albert: “I forgot the harness in my car while charging the boat in Nouméa (before the hour driving up north and the boat trip to reef…). So I had to ride the waves without harness for almost 2 hours. I only used a harness from my friend for 10 minutes. It was a new experience. But I don’t recommend anybody to try it! It’s quite hard physically. I have pain in the neck since then. Luckily it’s just a tight muscle and already getting better now…”

One day in Ténia with Antoine Albert

Filmed by Gill Chabaud