Andi Lachauer in Costa Rica

Andi Lachauer left cold Bavaria and travelled to Costa Rica. Costa Rica is well known for brilliant surfing conditions but offers great windsurfing conditions, too. Andi Lachauer produced a short freestyle clip with world class freestyle action filmed at Lake Arenal. Andi lived the “Pura Vida” and learnt the Shifty. Check it out! By now Andi is back in Germany but spring is around the corner.

Andi Lachauer: “The wind was really strong this season. I was on the water almost every day and used most of the time the 3.8m with the 85l big freestyle board. On the real big days I was on my 74 liter twinser or quad wave board and the 3,6m sail. The spot offers great conditions for port tack jumping.”

Andi Lachauer in “Pura Vida” at Lake Arenal, in Costa Rica


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Hey Andy, nice vid! I was wondering which camera you took for the POV shots….

Andi Lachauer

Thank you!All shots taken with GoPro Session 5


Warum bist du am alten Shape unterwegs? Ging der Neue kaputt?