Adam Lewis (K-516) from UK, who lives at El Medano and works at the OTC center there, produced a short clip about an evening session at El Cabezo, Tenerife. It´s the PWA Worldcupspot, where he did brilliant in the last year´s super session. He even won that supersession with a Taka in the steepest section. Overall the 23 year old wavesailor finished the PWA tour in 26th, but missed the event on Gran Canaria. “I am planning to try and make one little videoclip each month just to start promoting myself a bit more.” Adam told us.

He is pushing his personal level a lot and rotates through Double Forwards, Takas, Wave 360ties and massive Backloops. The excellent conditions on Tenerife while the last months helped a lot to improve.


An Evening in Tenerife from Adam Lewis on Vimeo.