The always happy and bright Dutch lady Amanda Beenen (H-87), who got famous on continentseven through her wild Forwad Loop crash this summer at Pozo Izquierdo, announced very positive news in the end of the 2011 season. She found new sponsors and is looking into 2012 quite positive!

Amanda Beenen with her new kit (Pic:Tim Mizee 2011).

“I´m super stoked to join the F2 team! For me it is an amazing opportunity to push my level further! The past summer I made my debut in the PWA tour. Even tough I wasn´t satisfied about my results. It gave me even more motivation to learn more and get better! So this winter I will train in South Africa. I´m convinced that spending time there will improve my wave skills and help me get used to my new gear. The F2 Rave is a fast board, which allows me to rip in all sorts of conditions. So it fits me like a glove! Of course I´m grateful for the support I got from The Essential store the past few years, but joining the F2 team as well as the KAsails team is a big leap forward for me!”

Ready to rock. Amanda has big goals for 2012 (Pic: Tim Mizee 2011).


“I´ve been windsurfing since I was 17 years old and what first started as a dream at that age, is now getting real. This is the point to accelerate and therefore I need the gear to achieve that dream. F2 boards and Kasails are taking me closer to my goal!  I will participate in the PWA tour again in the upcoming year! Besides Wave I will also participate in Slalom. Wave will always be my number one passion, but I think it will be good for my competition experience and for my technique. And of course it’s a lot of fun!” (Amanda Beenen)


Amanda lives next to the sea and discovered windsurfing just 6 years ago (Pic: Tim Mizee 2011)


Amanda started windsurfing back in 2006/2007 in Holland and decided to stay in Pozo Izquierdo in 2008 for 6 months. This time on Gran Canaria was changing her attitude towards the sport of windsurfing and she got hooked into wavesailng. Then she entered the PWA tour and could make it in third position at the this year´s supersession at El Cabezo, Tenerife. That was competition wise a big highlight for her. And it was a great recovery from a shock she experienceed a few days before the supersession when she got washed on the rocks while high tide, but could escape by climbing up the cliff at Cabezo. Almost all her gear set got destroyed. But Amanda is a tough lady and took this bad experience realatively easy as she could make it on the podium a few days later.  Her current goals are to learn some new moves in the waves and to get faster on the Slalom kit. We wish Amanda good luck for her trip to South Africa and that her goals may fulfill in 2012! If you want to get more infos about Amanda check out her website here!


Amanda looks into a bright future (Pic. Tim Mizee).


©, Amanda Beenen, Pics: Tim Mizee 2011