Amado Vrieswijk wins the 2021 EFPT Freestyle windsurfing tour title

25 year-old Amado Vrieswijk is one of the most versatile competition windsurfers. He competes in all disciplines, in freestyle, tow-in, wave, slalom and IQ Foil. The Bonairean impressed everyone this season. He won both freestyle windsurfing events on the 2021 EFPT tour, in Austria and Greece and takes the title home to the Caribbean for the second time in his career. He already won the EFPT title in 2015, but was slimmer and lighter these days 😉 His hardest rivals were the 29 year-old Italian Jacopo Testa and 26 year-old Yentel Caers from Belgium, who won the EFPT and PWA freestyle title in 2019. 44 male riders made it into the pro ranking, but not all of them participated in both events like Antoine Albert, Adrien Bosson or Gollito Estredo. But most of the PWA top riders joined the tour in 2021. 17 years-old Lennart Neubauer from Naxos is the best ranked youth rider in 5th position. 

Amado Vrieswijk  is the freshly crowned 2021 EFPT winner

Amado Vrieswijk is the freshly crowned 2021 EFPT winner


Continentseven: Congrats to your second EFPT title win in your career!

Amado: Thanks!! The EFPT title is the cherry on the cake after a long and uncertain time due to the Covid. Although there were no events, one had to train still as much as possible and keep in shape and ready as an event could pop up any time. With seeing the levels going trough the roof and everybody eager to get back in competition mode I was really excited to hear from the EFPT in April that Austria was a go. A good timing as the TAMADO freestyle-board from Future Fly Boards, designed by Arnon Dagan, Taty and myself was just ready to hit the water. Top fit and ready for the battle, it was awesome to win the first event at Lake Neusiedler.

With the second event on Greece and me not spending much time on the freestyle-gear between April and September (due to slalom-event in Israel and IQFOil-training/events), it was exciting to do it all over again. In some heats I had a slow start, but overall I could earn some sick heat results and I am very happy about that. 

C7: What means this title to you? 

A.: For every sportsman a win is the goal. He/she worked hard for, gave up things, being long time and far from home but also confirms the passion for the sport. I love all disciplines but freestyle just a bit more. 

Now on my way to Lake Garda, Italy, back on the IQ-gear. 

C7: Enjoy your time in Italy!


MEN EFPT Freestyle windsurfing ranking overall 2021

  1. Amado Vrieswijk (500 points)
  2. Yentel Caers (405 points)
  3. Jacopo Testa (395 points)
  4. Steven van Broeckhoven (280 points)
  5. Lennart Neubauer (250 points)
  6. Dieter van der Eyken (190 points)
  7. Sam Esteve (179.5 points)
  8. Giovanni Passani (167.5 points)
  9. Youp Schmidt (157.5 points)
  10. Marco Vinante (137.5 points)
  11. Antoine Albert, Felix Volkhardt, Gollito Estredo (127.5 points)
Autograph session with the stars © PROtography 2021

Autograph session with the stars Dieter van der Eyken, Gollito Estredo & Youp Schmidt © PROtography 2021


Women EFPT 2021

Unfortunately just one freestyle competition for women happened in the 2021 EFPT season. Maaike Huvermann won the only 2021 Freestyle competition for female riders in Theologos, Rhodes, in front of PWA experienced Russian Olya Raskina and Austrian Hanna Poschinger, former EFPT press manager. 5 ladies joined the competition. Maaike is one of the top three riders in the international freestyle scene. Imagen Sarah-Quita, Offringa, Oda Johanne, Lina Erzen, Arrianne Aukes, Yoli de Brendt, Eva Wyss, Julia Pakosz, Clare Elliott, Birgit Rieger, Iris Zechner, Johanna Rümenapp or Alexa Escherich would have joined the competition, too. A fleet with 15 riders would be possible in the near future. And there are many more girls and ladies out there, who can join the EFPT events next season.

The Ladies & Lennart Neubauer in Theologos © PROtography 2021

The Ladies & Lennart Neubauer in Theologos © PROtography 2021

WOMEN EFPT Freestyle windsurfing ranking overall 2021

  1. Maaike Huvermann
  2. Olya Raskina
  3. Hanna Poschinger
  4. Sterre Meijer
  5. Olga Pytharouli


Juniors EFPT 2021

Lennart Neubauer was competing in his own league in the only juniors EFPT competition of the year. Tigo Kort made it in second place, followed by Bodhi Kempen in third. 7 juniors participated in their only EFPT competition in 2021 in Theologos, Rhodes, Greece.

The top 3 juniors Lennart, Tigo and Bodhi © PROtography 2021

The top 3 juniors Lennart, Tigo and Bodhi © PROtography 2021

JUNIORS EFPT Freestyle windsurfing ranking overall 2021

  1. Lennart Neubauer
  2. Tigo Kort
  3. Bodhi Kempen
  4. Piero Rautnik
  5. Jakub Luboinski
  6. Primus Sörling
  7. Mateusz Luboinski


The EFPT highlight clip of the finals day in Theologos, Rhodes, when Amado Vrieswijk, Lennart Neubauer & Maaike Huvermann won the double eliminations in wavy conditions.