Today was the  first day of the prestigious wave competition. Sarah-Quita Offringa won the women’s single elimination in front of Iballa Moreno and Motoko Sato. 

Check out the women’s single elimination final


After a slow start to the day, which saw light winds and a relatively small swell compared to the forecast, the conditions gradually picked up throughout the opening day and by the end, the swell was pumping, while the wind funnelled through much stronger than what was expected. However, with the swell coming from the west and the wind being slightly onshore at times the conditions were tricky with choppy faces and double-ups making wave selection crucial in order to succeed.

Two out of the three PWA World title contenders successfully negotiated their way into the final – Sarah-Quita Offringa & Iballa Moreno, but current World No.2 – Justyna Sniady – was eliminated in the quarterfinals and it now looks a very long road back for the top to challenge for the world title.

Joining Sarah-Quita Offringa and Iballa Moreno in the final were Motoko Sato, who looked extremely dangerous in the quarters and semifinals, and current world No.4 – Lina Erpenstein – who is competing in her first Aloha Classic.

In the final, Iballa Moreno risked everything and came close to scoring two waves in the excellent range. However, the reigning world champion couldn’t quite hold on to her radical aerial attempt on her first wave, while she had to eject from the second, which left the door open for Sarah-Quita Offringa, who made two solid mid-range waves, while she enhanced her position with her final wave as she started with a powerful opening turn before delivering a critically late hit to earn 7 points and effectively wrap up the final.


Aloha Classic 2019 – Women’s Single Elimination

1. Sarah-Quita Offringa
2. Iballa Moreno
3. Motoko Sato
4. Lina Erpenstein
5. Angela Cochran
5. Tatiana Howard
7. Sarah Hauser
7. Arrianne Aukes
9. Serena Zoia
9. Maria Andrea
9. Marine Hunter
9. Shawna Cropas
13. Annamaria Zollet
13. Anne-Marie Reichman
13. Justyna Sniady
13. Kazuki Ishihara