Aloha Classic 2017 – Video Highlights from the final days

November 11th was the final day of the Aloha Classic 2017 in Ho’okipa. We saw 4 exciting 28 minute long heats with 2 minutes of transition. The men’s final was a tough battle between Morgan Noireaux, Bernd Roediger, Kevin Pritchard and Camille Juban. In the end two times Aloha Classic champ Morgan Noireaux kept a cool head, changed to a bigger sail during the heat and was the only rider, who collected more than 17 points.

In the ladies final Sarah Hauser was in her own league – she is the girl on the wave who smacks the lips – and collected 17.4 points after a slow start.

Video Final Day Aloha Classic 2017


Video Aloha Classic 2070 QUARTERS & SEMIS

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how is there only one shot of camille juban in both videos? He was such a standout in this event