The Aloha Classic has been kicked off with a traditional opening ceremony. The event is not only the final event of the IWT (International Windsurfing Tour) but also a PWA Qualifier, which allows PWA riders to compete, too. PWA: “It is an important step towards creating greater unity within the sport, establishing a more defined collaboration with the IWT and a proper qualifying structure in the future.”

100+ riders are registered and some travelled across the world to compete at Ho’okipa Beach Park. The biggest names from the PWA fleet are Camille Juban (13th overall), Robby Swift (16th overall) or Moritz Mauch (18th overall). PWA riders, who do not have a secured place in the PWA fleet like Graham Ezzy, Morgan Noireaux, Loick Lesauvage or Jake Schettewi or others can collect important qualifying points for the 2018 PWA season. One top ranked rider will get a secured wildcard for the next PWA wave event. Furthermore the current IWT tour leaders Annamaria Zollet and Morgan Noireaux will do everything to defend their leading position.

A few well known local names aren’t on the starting list this year. Marcilio “Brawzinho” Browne is injured and had to pull out. Josh Stone and Robby Naish are injured. Keith Teboul is actually out of the country and Francisco Goya off the island. Jason Polakow withdrew from the competition due to the wind and wave forecast.

A few days ago, the swell was pumping on Maui’s north shore but unfortunately it was too early for the event. The forecast shows increasing wind at the latter end of the week, though. 

Aloha Classic Opening ceremony at Ho’okipa Beach


Live Cast and Prize money

There will be a live cast for pro men and women at this year’s Aloha Classic. In addition to the live cast, the Aloha Classic will also have a 10,000 dollar prize purse going to the top men and women. 

Prize money will be allocated as follows:

Pro Men:
1st – $3750
2nd – $2250
3rd – $1500
1st – $1250
2nd – $750
3rd – $500


Aloha Classic program

Aloha Classic program

Aloha Classic program


Who registered for the 2017 Aloha Classic?

LADIES: Annamaria Zollet, Sabine Zola, Fiona Wylde, Ingrid Larouche, Tatiana Howard, Sarah Hauser, Colette Guadagnino, Shawna Cropas, Maria Andres, Amanda Beenen, Vickey Abbot, Serena Zoia, Flora Vergnoli, Adele Frola and Sam Bittner

MEN: Kevin Pritchard, Morgan Noireaux, Levi Siver, Bernd Roediger, Kai Lenny, Robby Swift, Camille Juban, Boujmaa Guilloul,  Graham Ezzy, Antoine Martin, Moritz Mauch, Loick Lesauvage, Kai Katchadourian, Pascal Hardy, Brian Talma, Sean Aiken, Jake Schettewi, Zane Schweitzer, Federico Morisio, Francisco Porcella

We wish good luck with wind and waves and a lot of fun on and off the water!

Aloha Classic in Ho'okipa

Aloha Classic in Ho’okipa


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