November 13th was the final day of the Aloha Classic and the wind and waves returned, after 5 days of waiting. It was an exciting final. Kevin Pritchard managed to fend off Marcilio Browne in the super final and Sarah-Quita Offringa made her way through the double elimination to the very top of the ladder.

Men’s final day:

Kai Lenny wasn’t able to compete as he already has left to Fiji for an international SUP event. But Marcilio Browne was on fire, defeated Levi Siver and as well Kevin Pritchard in the first final. It all came down to a super final. It was a super tight battle till the end. The wind dropped during the heat, Kevin had a higher jumping score right at the beginning of his heat and Brawzinho collected bigger points with his wave rides. Kevin Pritchard picked up a brilliant wave just a few seconds before the end of the heat and received 8.50 points for a tweaked Aerial and a one handed Aerial off the lip on one wave. That last wave made the difference. It was the the victory for KP, who defeated a brilliant sailing Brawzinho by less than a point.

Result men pro:

1.Kevin Pritchard
2. Marcilio Browne
3. Levi Siver

Ladies final day:

Sarah-Quita Offringa won three heats in a row and met Ho’okipa local Sarah Hauser in the final. The lady from Aruba defeated Sarah Hauser in the first final and they both had to go for a super final in lighter wind conditions. Again it was  a really tight battle with the better end for Sarah-Quita Offringa, who wins her first Aloha Classic title. Big congrats!!

Result ladies pro:

1.Sarah-Quita Offringa
2. Sarah Hauser
3. Junko Nagoshi


Aloha Classic 2016 – FINAL DAY


Aloha Classic 2016 Day 7 – Double Elimination

Start of women double elimination
Men’s heat 44


Aloha Classic 2016 Day 7 – Men Double Elimination – Part 2


Aloha Classic 2016 Day 6 – Men Double Elimination – Part 1


Aloha Classic 2016 Day 5 – First heats Men Double Elimination


Aloha Classic 2016 Day 5 – Single Elimination Finals Men & Women

Women Heat 22
Men Heat 23 (Final) starting at 20:30min
Women Heat 23 (Final) starting at 47:30min


Aloha Classic 2016 Day 5 – Single Elimination Semifinals Men & Women

Men Heat 21, Heat 22
Women Heat 21, Women Heat 22


Aloha Classic 2016 Day 4 – Single Elimination Men

Single Elimination Men Heat 11 – Heat 20


Aloha Classic 2016 Day 3 – Part 1 /Single Elimination Men & Women


Aloha Classic 2016 Day 3 – Part 2 / Single Elimination Men & Women

Women Heat 19 and 20
Men Heat 9 and 10