In the beginning of 2018 Miles Taylor from PROtography went to Cape Town and produced an almost 10 minutes long film featuring a lot of well known riders, who spent their winter months in South Africa.

“All Roads Lead To Waves” is the name of his film, which shows the life of some of the windsurfers in Cape Town and what a trip to Cape Town is all about. Miles has been snowboarding for about 12 years and is inspired by snowboarding films.

Riders: Ivan Newmark, Andy `Bubble’ Chambers, Max Rowe, Alessio Stillrich, Marco Lufen, Lena Erdil, Valerie Hekl, Amado Vrieswijk, Adrien Bosson, Moritz Mauch, Oliver Townsend, Ben Proffitt, Adam Sims, Jem Hall, Ollie Scott, Jamie Howard, Colin Whippy Dixon, Bjorn Larson, Megan Mouse Smith, Sjoske Tuinstra.

“The video is the collection of people, places, sports and adventures we experienced along the way. We met with coastline and ocean and the elements that bring happiness to friends all over the world. This is to every moment, every wave, every Braai, every friend, every adventure, every smile, every element.

I grew up in Devon, UK and after living in London for university realized I had taken Devon for granted. For the last 4 years living in Greece for the summers and the Italian Alps for the winters has restored my desire to be closer with the sea and the mountains.

I’ve wanted to visit Cape Town for the last 2 years and heard so many stories about its legendary conditions and lifestyle so I took an opportunity to go with 3 of my close friends Ollie Scott, Max Rowe  and Ivan Newmark. I was there for six weeks. Every moment was spectacular. I was like a child in a candy shop, feeling overwhelmed with every place and experience being prime for amazing footage. The other side of the experience was meeting the windsurfers and kite surfers out there that treated me like we’d been friends for years.

I wanted to create something that had that extra level of substance rather than just a video montage.

Not a single moment passed where I didn’t feel inspired by the people the landscape the sports or the adventures and even six weeks wasn’t enough.  Cape Town is on another level and a truly incredible place.” (Miles Tylor)


All Roads Lead To Waves – A film by Miles Taylor about the wintertime of several pro riders in Cape Town