Maciek Rutkowski already interviewed many windsurfers and influential people from the windsurfing industry. This time he had a talk with Spaniard Alex Mussolini, who is known as a world class wave windsurfer with an exceptional smooth style. He invented the Klei, a frontside wave 360° into Taka. His career started at young age and now, at the age of 37, he decided to retire from professional windsurfing. Instead he finally became a pilot and is a judge on the PWA tour. He talks honest about his career and he takes critical positions concerning professional windsurfing. He also talks about success – he almost won the PWA wave world title – and  about difficulties with sponsorships. This interview is a very honest one and gives an inside view in the career of a very successful rider. Thumbs up for that Alex and Maciek!!

Alex Mussolini – The Windsurfing Podcast #53

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