Alex Mertens presents his short film “This is Bonaire”

Alex Mertens, the young talented freestyler and video producer from the US, spent a few weeks in Bonaire this March. For this video the 18 year-old windsurfer worked together with Caesar Finies and other locals. They wanted to show more of the island activities as Bonaire has much more to offer than only windsurfing spots. But don’t expect too much windsurfing action 😉

For the past 4 years I have made travels to Bonaire and always wanted to share the amazing experiences that I’ve had visiting this island. Bonaire local Caesar Finies had the same thoughts as me. So this year we got a bunch of the local companies to work together and help up make this video possible. Because of all the cooperation and support from the island we were able to really show just what Bonaire is! And to really show that it’s a diverse island, we filmed everything for this video in about 5 days before I left to go home. Also partially because we were a bit lazy with getting footage earlier during the wind. We had a very busy last week haha. (Alex Mertens about his film)

“This is Bonaire” – Alex Mertens shows what he did besides windsurfing on the Caribbean island

Filmed by Alex Mertens, Caesar Finies, Lorenzo Mittiga

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Really boring why all videos have to be the same??? Same shitty music (why not rock n rool like black sabbath). And to much bulshit around .
I think good windsurfing movie is need to be only rock n roll and full of raw action and not this kind of stiyle

Alex Mertens
Hi Jaco, Sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy the video… But you have to keep in mind that in the description above it was stated that this video is more to show the activities and experiences you can have around the island rather than a hardcore windsurf action clip. You can expect one of those soon ;). As for music, Rock N Roll is extremely difficult to get rights for and can end up with me the video creator (me) losing tons of money (hundreds to thousands of dollars) because of a copyright infringement. While I would love to… Read more »

OK, let’s cut Alex some slack, after all he did say in the video description that this is what he did BESIDES windsurfing. And if someone is considering going there, he should be interested in all the rest there is to see and do there. Let’s all be a bit less judgmental on something someone obviously put time and effort in doing.


I think good windsurfing movie is need to be only rock n roll and full of raw action and not this kind of stiyle

Like R.I.P ?

i certainly miss some windsurfing feature films, whatever music genre. And i like Alex’s video, it was not intended to be a hardcore punk rock crash something. Perhaps you like the new Balz Müller & Friends video better, it’s pretty raw and rad.


No one is forcing you to watch the video! Keep it up Alex!