We just received an update on Patrik´s airinside development. Airinside already was available on the market some years ago, but disappeared again. Now Patrik Diethelm, who started to work on his new board brand in 2009, dares the almost impossible and will produce Airinside boards again.

The first edition of Patrik Diethelm´s airinside boards could be produced in Northern Africa. It´s a 77 cm wide Slalom racer with 122 liters. Have a look!

Airinside 2011 by Patrik Diethelm (Source: Patrik, Tunisie Composite).

Infos on the first Airinside board by Patrik (Source: Patrik, Tunisie Composite).

Another view on the new construction, a hollow bonded technology (Source: Patrik, Tunisie Composite).

© Patrik Diethelm 2011, Airinside