Air Camp goes Lake Garda: Julian Wiemar & Valentin Böckler travelled to Lake Garda in July 2002, where they met Riccardo Marca, who spends a lot of time on the Italian Lake during summer. At least once a year Julian and Valentin travel together. This year they decided to drive south from Germany to the famous windsurfing destination, where the modern freestyle windsurfing was born in the mid 90s. Watch a great movie about a great trip of good friends!

“Times are changing and the level of freestyle windsurfing keeps going up, up and up. Air Camp took a trip to where it all began to see what the fuss was about and get some well needed training in after lock-down… we don’t mean where Covid 19 began silly, we are talking about the foundation of modern Freestyle Windsurfing. Check out the beautiful location, crazy scenery and happy-go-lucky Air Camp style over on their Youtube channel. Rumour has it that Air Camp is looking for more projects to film with freestyle windsurfers.The real question is, where should “Air Camp Go…” next?” Air Camp riders


Air Camp goes Lake Garda, Italy – Freestyle Windsurfing featuring Julian Wiemar, Valentin Böckler & Riccardo Marca

Produced by Timothy Cowen from Mothy Media