The Slovenian windsurfer Andraz Zan is working on a new internet video. He and Tilo Eber, Davy Scheffers, Paul Zeper and Steven Van Broeckhoven were exploring new spots in Egypt, they became “friends” with the Egyptian army, got stuck 5 times in the sand with the rental car and much more. But they discovered beautiful spots. Next week from the 14th until the 21st of September Andraz will be in Greece, to do one his camps on Lesvos. More info here.

Here is a trailer, the first part of the video will be out end of October.
“We went to 3 destinations, some already known by now and some totally new… amazing… Some friends followed to the first spot, other to the second and so on… With this trip we want people to remember what windsurfing really is, what it gives and how it makes your life different. It is not about the money, or fame or whatever, it doesn’t matter if you are world champion or doing just jibes, feeling on the water is the same…”, Andraz writes.


Riders: Tilo Eber, Davy Scheffers, Paul Zeper, Steven Van Broeckhoven, Andraž Žan


Watch the trailer now…