On the penultimate day of the 2022 Mercedes-Benz Windsurf World Cup Sylt the Freestyle World title battle went down to the wire between Adrien Bosson and Jacopo Testa. With only one PWA Freestyle event in 2022 the Windsurf World Cup Sylt decided also the 2022 PWA Freestyle World Champion title. 

In the Double Elimination the Italian Jacopo Testa, who was third after the single elimination won against Yentel Caers and Steven van Broeckhoven to challenge the winner of the single elimination Adrien Bosson. In the first final against Adrien Bosson Jacopo Testa won with the highest scoring heat of the day to force a super final. The conditions were extremely rough with bolt onshore wind.

In the all deciding super final both riders had more problems to land their moves and show their best freestyle action. It was a very tight final and in the end only 0,1 points (102.4 to 102.5) separated them and after two times being Vice World Champion in 2018 and 2021 Adrien Bosson was happy to finally finish first. Although right after the heat it first looked like Jacopo would have won as the live scoring system showed 0,3 points more for the Italian. For everybody watching the heat online with live scoring it was a bit confusing as the scores of the single moves got changed afterwards. In the end it was Frenchman Adrien Bosson, who already was twice very close to the world champion title, winning the super final with a small margin. Jacopo Testa took the result very sportsmanlike embracing Adrien with a huge smile. 


Adrien Bosson is the new 2022 PWA Freestyle World Champion

Video footage by 9pm media | Tonix Pictures



1. Adrien Bosson
2. Jacopo Testa
3. Steven Van Broeckhoven
4. Yentel Caers
5. Dieter Van der Eyken
6. Antony Ruenes
7. Sam Esteve
7. Nicolas Akgazciyan
9. Amado Vrieswijk
9. Youp Schmit
9. Takuma Sugi
9. Antoine Albert
13. Thomas Traversa
13. Ezri Heijmans
13. Antoine Martin
13. Taty Frans
17. Niclas Nebelung
17. Rasmus Oegelund
17. Gilbert Bimbi
17. Eugenio Marconi
17. Lucas Nebelung
17. Dimitris Bratanov
17. Bodhi Kempen