In this video young Polish wave windsurfer, surfer & skateboarder Adam Warhol talks about his terrible crash in Jaws and how he survived it. When listening to his story we are getting goose bumps. Jaws was huge that day, Adam is 19 only and has no experience in Jaws, yet. The moment when Adam goes over the falls is so terrifying. We met Adam several times and he is so passionate about wave windsurfing and surfing. He always surfs, windsurfs until the dark. Luckily he survived this monster wipe out. And a big thanks goes to everyone, who was involved in the successful rescue.

Adam posted: “It was always my dream to come to Hawaii and ride big waves!!”

Adam Warchol talks about his terrible crash in Jaws on January 16th, 2021 – Video


Filmed by Damien Giradin, Elliot Leboe/ACL Cinema, David Swift, Matt Paul

Edited by Levi Siver